manager fundamentals

gain critical skills to succeed as a manager

  • give & receive effective feedback
  • step up to broader influence
  • manage up with confidence
  • elevate your communication in the business
  • delegate strategically with impact

define your leadership

Design-folk lead differently, through deep empathy muscles and care for their teams. Define your unique leadership plan, envision what your leadership CAN be, and create your own path.

remove the “you’re not ready” feedback

I hear it frequently in my coaching practice from aspiring Managers in Product & Design:

  • budgets are tight this year so they’re not able to promote you (again)
  • criticism of visibility and influence, when you’ve been busy knocking goals out the park
  • everyone who gets ahead seems to look and act the same
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Alison Gretz
2x VP of Design & Exec Coach


no one teaches you how to be a manager

Different skills than what made you a successful designer are needed as you step up into management. I’ve helped hundreds of managers grow into brilliant design leaders.

feeling stuck →
a map forward

Have more impact by stepping up from craft leader to manager.

self-doubt →

Lead without questioning your worth and abilities.

loneliness →

Up-skill with peers experiencing the same growth, facilitated by Alison.

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I’m Alison gretz

I made SO many mistakes as a first time Manager! Now, 15ish years later, I’m bringing my experience growing Management teams in Design, and my Certified Coaching skills together to help YOU thrive!

Let’s Design your Leadership together.


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