Alison Gretz

Leadership Coach & Facilitator, ACC

Hi! I’m Alison and It’s nice to e-meet you.

My leadership style is highly collaborative, and I work closely with my teams to ensure that everyone feels heard and valued. I encourage open communication and ideas sharing, which I drive through workshops, asking powerful questions and addressing blocking issues openly. I am passionate about supporting the whole person at work, and I have gained an accreditation in coaching to complement my skills.

My experience in marketing and digital has given me a unique insight into the needs of addressable markets, and I use this knowledge to create solutions that are appealing, brand aligned but also user-friendly and intuitive.

I have led teams of individuals in problem-solving and creating solutions for the real world in boot-strapping start-ups and large Fortune 100s. I firmly believe that my Leadership philosophy and Coaching approach combined create environments where people can discover, make sense of what’s in front of them, and progress forward with momentum.

I have successfully led teams at large enterprises such as Thomson Reuters and Target, along with gaining experience in marketing and digital at Shutterfly, Fallon, and other top organizations. My teams have included multiple functions from UX to Print and Photography, UX Content Design and Strategy to Copywriting, Creative Operations and Production across integrated customer experiences.

Alison Gretz, Minneapolis



Mpls MadWomen

In 2013, Alison founded Mpls MadWomen – aimed at sparking connection through candid dialog on women’s experiences at work. Years of board leadership and expansion followed. Alison is now the Founder Emeritus and supported of the evolved yet sustained non-profit that pivoted towards mentorship programming.


how we can support you


Through coaching with Alison, you’ll develop a sense of your own unique values, wants and goals. You’ll develop new strategies for success, and stay motivated and accountable every step of the way.


Whether establishing, inheriting, maintaining or evolving, leading a team of humans is complex and takes time, finesse and intentionality. I can be your sidekick to invest in your team culture, development and wellbeing leading to better retention, productivity & quality.


I’ll work with you and your leadership team to orchestrate team experiences that generate rapid progress to outcomes. Custom workshops, team or executive retreats centered around your goals, team connection and belonging are my specialty.