design leader accelerator

gain strategic leadership muscles to succeed

  • learn to lead through others effectively
  • leverage stakeholder ecosystems
  • lead through change with poise
  • elevate your communication in the business
  • delegate strategically with impact

lead in alignment to your values to feel more confident

Designers lead differently, through deep empathy muscles and care for their teams. This style of leadership is emerging, and unlike the managers we had earlier in our careers. This can make it hard to envision what your leadership CAN be, and create your own path.

remove the “you’re not ready” feedback from your boss

I hear it frequently in my coaching practice from Managers in Product & Design:

  • budgets are tight this year so they’re not able to promote you (again)
  • criticism of visibility and influence, when you’ve been busy knocking goals out the park
  • everyone who gets ahead seems to look and act the same
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alison gretz

Alison Gretz
2x VP of Design & Exec Coach


WHAT GOT you here won’t get you there

Different skills than what made you a successful designer are needed to unlock influence and authority across a business. Through my experience as a leader, I’ve mapped out the common pitfalls and gaps, and I want you to have these skills too. You are not alone!

feeling stuck →
a map forward

You’re excelling in your current role and craft, but you know you desire more impact.

self-doubt →

You are tired of questioning your worth, or even feeling gaslight by your superiors.

loneliness →

You crave expert guidance and mentorship to navigate your career confidently.

A renewed sense of confidence and clarity on what leadership and management mean for you.

Knowledge and skills to leap the four pitfalls of rising design leaders.

Expertise in team management that goes way farther than a 101 or basic training.

A broader network of fellow rising design leaders who empathize with and share your experiences.

A realistic map and plan for Designing Your Next, from MVP to reaching your long-term goals .

Countless tools from course workbooks for future reference and learning.

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I’m Alison gretz

Following a 18+ year in Design, most of it leading fellow humans, I wanted to pull together all that I had learned to share with you. My passion has always been in sparking the possibilities of growth in my teams and work – and now I hope I can do that for you. Let’s Design your Leadership together.

alison gretz

Alison Gretz
2x VP of Design & Exec Coach


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