Knowing When You Are Incompetent
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Knowing When You Are Incompetent

We all know those people in leadership positions, or assuming leadership roles who don’t quite seem to know what they are talking about. Dang, maybe we are those people at times.

Recognizing the extents of your own knowledge and expertise in subjects is a tough self-awareness moment. And oh so fluid. We can be simultaneously unconsciously incompetent in one area of our lives, and consciously competent in another. We can also want to push ourselves to learn and become fully aware of what we don’t know, in coding we call it the Trough of Sorrow. Ugh. Tough to push through in the midst of it.

Be aware of where you are at in the moment. And realize that it will change. Everything is a phase, some of which we move through exceptionally fast, some of which take acknowledgement in order to level up.

Perhaps most importantly, don’t be afraid of admitting what you don’t know, and seeking support in helping yourself learn. Everyone is willing to share their expertise and help, and everyone rolls their eyes at THAT person in the room inauthentically pretending they know wassup.

You don’t know shit until you know shit. And even then you don’t know shit.

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